The services provided include those listed below though the list is not exhaustive.

Notary Public & Commissioner of Oaths

As a public officer empowered by the government of Ontario, I also provide a variety of non-legal services for a small fee in non-contentious, formal matters. They can relate to wills, powers of attorney, and documents for some foreign and international businesses. Some of the services offered include;

· notarize or commission documents for private and commercial transactions,

· authenticate the signing of documents to be used for some government services or applications such as those for child support, student loans or lost cheques for the government of Ontario,

· commission documents used in applications for municipal licences or zoning variances,

· have sworn before me, affidavits to be filed in Small Claims Court, Family Court or in a civil court,

· have sworn before me, statements for the transfer/family gift of a used motor vehicle

Criminal Defence

  • Racial and/or minority profiling and discriminatory practices
  • Bail Applications & Hearings
  • Theft, Break and Entry offences
  • Assault & Robbery offences
  • Domestic and Sexual Assault
  • Manslaughter and Murder
  • Fraud and analogous offences including Forgery, Obtaining by false pretences
  • Impaired Driving and Drunk Driving
  • Young Offender cases
  • Drug offences including Marijuana Grow-up Operations, Possession & Trafficking offences
  • Criminal Negligence matters

Family Law

  • Children Aid Society issues
  • Child Support issues
  • Spousal Support issues
  • Marriage Agreements
  • Cohabitation (Common Law) Contracts
  • Separation Agreements
  • Annulment
  • Child Custody & Access matters
  • Access Agreements
  • Property Disputes and Division
  • Equalization of Assets matters
  • Divorce
  • Spousal & Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence matters

Immigration and Nationality

o Refugee Application & Claims

o Permanent Residence Application

o Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Application

o Family Sponsorship Application

o Work Permit Application

o Student Visa Application

o Adoption advice and guidance