Areas of Practice

The services provided include those listed below though the list is not exhaustive.

Notary Public & Commissioner of Oaths

As a public officer empowered by the government of Ontario, I also provide a variety of non-legal services for a small fee in non-contentious, formal matters. They can relate to wills, powers of attorney, and documents for some foreign and international businesses. Some of the services offered include;

· notarize or commission documents for private and commercial transactions,

· authenticate the signing of documents used for government services or applications such as those for child support, student loans or lost cheques for the government of Ontario,

· commission documents used in applications for municipal licences or zoning variances,

· have sworn before me, affidavits to be filed in Small Claims, Family Court or in a civil court,

· have sworn before me, statements for the transfer or family gift of a used motor vehicle.

Criminal Defence

  • Racial and/or minority profiling and discriminatory practices
  • Bail Applications & Hearings
  • Theft, Break and Entry offences
  • Assault & Robbery offences
  • Domestic and Sexual Assault
  • Fraud and analogous offences including Forgery, Obtaining by false pretences
  • Impaired Driving and Drunk Driving
  • Young Offender cases
  • Drug offences including Marijuana Grow-up Operations, Possession & Trafficking offences
  • Criminal Negligence matters

Family Law

  • Children Aid Society issues
  • Child Support issues
  • Spousal Support issues
  • Marriage Agreements
  • Cohabitation (Common Law) Contracts
  • Separation Agreements
  • Annulment
  • Child Custody & Access matters
  • Access Agreements
  • Property Disputes and Division
  • Equalization of Assets matters
  • Divorce
  • Spousal & Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence matters

Immigration and Nationality

· Refugee Application & Claims

· Permanent Residence Application

· Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

· Family Sponsorship Application

· Work Permit Application

· Student Visa Application

· Adoption advice and guidance

The information on this website is intended for reference only and it does not constitute legal advice, nor does it specifically endorse any of the service providers listed.