Declaration to Clients

This office has an ongoing commitment to seek the interests of its clients in a confidential, timely and cost effective manner. Through prudence, skill and dedication, the office conducts an exhaustive review of the various options of dispute resolution to determine the mechanism best suited for the client’s case. This is followed by a detailed research of the law and procedure. However, and importantly, the level of success in meeting the client’s expectation is premised on a faithful disclosure by the client of all the facts and the surrounding circumstances.

Prospective New Clients?

To the new client, John’s abiding and initial desire is to settle the mind of the client through counselling and education in order to provide guidance that bears an air of reality. Upon an assessment of the strength, weakness, threat and opportunity poses by the client’s case, the initial directions are for the purposes of risk managing the client. As a result, all the facts including indirect and anecdotal ones and their circumstances must be made known to the lawyer, in order to effectively serve the client.

It is therefore important that the client provides the necessary facts, its context and perspective to the lawyer in a timely fashion as well as any subsequent changes.

Charter between Lawyer and Clients:

  • Tactfully negotiate and pursue resolution to prevent trial
  • Skillfully use the power of advocacy for successful defences and arguments in court
  • Professionally draft documents and correspondence with skill and prudence
  • Provide confidential representation through diligence, integrity and selflessness
  • Abide by all permissible client instructions and follow them to the letter
  • Promptly convey all material information and changes to the client to avoid surprises and contentions
  • Justify necessity for each process and outline all associated cost and foreseeable result

The information on this website is intended for reference only and it does not constitute legal advice, nor does it specifically endorse any of the service providers listed.